Wimra Latest http://wimra.org The Latest News From Wimra.org en WIM Series - 2019 Normandie Match Cup - Final Day http://wimra.org/news_detail.asp?rk=1463 Courtois Wins 2019 Normandie Match Cup - Östling and Vennin take silver and bronze Local knowledge and good sailing lead to a win at the inaugural Normandie Match Cup by the Le Havre-based Match in Pink by Normandy Elite Team lead by Pauline Courtois in blustery conditions. The final day Jun 10, 2019 WIM Series Media 1463 at http://wimra.org/ WIM Series - 2019 Normandie Match Cup - Day Three http://wimra.org/news_detail.asp?rk=1462 A Full Day of Excellent Racing in Le Havre - Courtois Leads the Way Undefeated It’s been feast or famine at the Normandie Match Cup in Le Havre. Day three more than made up for no sailing on day two as the sailors, race committee, umpires and spectators spent a very full day on the water in Jun 9, 2019 WIM Series Media 1462 at http://wimra.org/ WIM Series - 2019 Normandie Match Cup - Day Two http://wimra.org/news_detail.asp?rk=1461 No Racing Saturday in Le Havre – Big waves keep the teams on shore all day A strong low pressure system passed through Normandy Friday night with winds exceeding 50 knots and left behind huge waves on Saturday. Despite repeated attempts by the race committee to get things started, the race boats Jun 8, 2019 WIM Series Media 1461 at http://wimra.org/ WIM Series - 2019 Normandie Match Cup - Day One http://wimra.org/news_detail.asp?rk=1460 Big Breeze and Waves in Le Havre – Courtois (FRA) and Laaksonen (FIN) undefeated on day one The winds kicked up as racing got underway for day one of Normandie Match Cup – the first event of the 2019 Women’s International Match Racing Series (WIM Series) season in the Le Havre. The veterans Jun 7, 2019 WIM Series Media 1460 at http://wimra.org/