Wimra Latest http://wimra.org The Latest News From Wimra.org en Four years and still counting http://wimra.org/news_detail.asp?rk=1381 Four years and still counting – WIM Series going from strength to strength Last month the U.S. Virgin Islands hosted an amazing conclusion to the fourth year of the WIM Series. Altogether 147 sailors in 28 teams from 17 countries battled it out in the 2016 season, sailing no less than 747 stunning Jan 19, 2017 WIM Series Press Office 1381 at http://wimra.org/ New Documents and Templates from World Sailing http://wimra.org/news_detail.asp?rk=1380 It’s a new year and a new quad – Make sure your documents are up to date! New Grading Forms, Call Books, Standard Notice of Race, and Standard Sailing Instructions published by World Sailing. The World Sailing Match Race Rankings Event Application/Grading Form must be completed by all events Jan 18, 2017 WIMRA Webmaster 1380 at http://wimra.org/ 2017 Event Calendar Updates http://wimra.org/news_detail.asp?rk=1379 Help us to make sure that our calendars are all in order! In our efforts to better serve both the women match racers and the regatta organizers, we strive to keep the WIMRA Calendar up to date with all of the current information about upcoming events. In order to do this we need your help! Check Jan 4, 2017 WIMRA Webmaster 1379 at http://wimra.org/ 2016 Carlos Aguilar Match Race - Final http://wimra.org/news_detail.asp?rk=1375 Groeneveld beat Roble to win St. Thomas event – but on the 2016 WIM Series podium the order is reversed On St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, Olympic match racing star Renée Groeneveld and her Dutch team of Annemieke Bes, Lobke Berkhout and Mijke Lievens, won their first WIM Series event ever. They Dec 4, 2016 WIM Series Press Office 1375 at http://wimra.org/