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2017 Swedish Women’s Match Racing Nationals
2017 Swedish Women’s Match Racing Nationals

The competition started on Friday and it has been bidding on changing winds that have gradually increased over the weekend. The sailing arena was at Lidingö, Stockholm and 12 teams participated.
The New Sweden Match Race Team with Caroline Sylvan at the helm won the event on Sunday. Earlier in the season there have been changes in the crew due to injury, but both in Lysekil and now at the National Championship she had the same crew - Louise Kruuse of Verchou, Frida Langenius, Klara Ekdahl and Malin Holmberg.
Search Magazine contacted the girls to hear how it feels like going home with gold after a tough season of injuries. How they say:
"Yes, it feels so amazing. We’ve had a hard time getting up on the podium this year at the tour event, so it felt nice to finish with just quarter, semi and final wins at the Nationals. Also great to see 12 teams on start and much commitment to women’s match racing in both Gothenburg and Stockholm.
We have amazing fun together and are looking forward to next year when we get to work out in the new Far East boats at GKSS. "
Final Results (Skipper, Country, Team):
1) Sylvan (SWE) - New Sweden Match Racing Team
2) Degerlund (FIN) - Team Sköna Vibbisar
3) Bergqvist (SWE) - Team Bergqvist Match Racing
4) Häger (SWE) - Stockholm Match Racing Team
5) Mattson (SWE) - Swedish Woman’s Match Racing Team
6) Floser (SWE) - Team Peregrine
7) Nielsen (SWE) - Team Nielsen
8) Hedén (SWE) - Team Hedén
9) Jonsson (SWE) - Team W.H.Y. Racing
10) von Goes (SWE) - Team von Goes
11) Beck (SWE) - Team Beck
12) Blomborn (SWE) - Team Blomborn

(From AtSea Events: https://www.facebook.com/events/780762465416600
and Search Magazine: www.searchmagazine.se
Posted on Oct 2, 2017 by WIMRA Webmaster

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