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A Letter from Alfredo Ricci Re: Busan Cup
Salerno, March 31st 2018

Dear Women Match Racing Sailors,

Sadly and with much regret I have to inform you that Busan City will no longer support
Busan Match Cup and so it will be impossible for us to run the event for 2018. I have no
idea if this is a temporary or a permanent decision.

It has been an amazing journey, ten incredible editions in which top women sailors fought
each other with fairness and glamour.

Girls, without your support I could never had reached this goal.

A very special thanks to Mr. Moon who is no longer with us - 2013 Women’s Match Racing
World Championship, first time in Asia, it was his baby.

My very good friend Luigi Reggio, that with his experience and sense of humor was able to
calm me down in many occasions.

Liz Baylis, hard to find the words for a so professional friend and colleague, thanks

My good friend Junko Takano for her support in all asian area and all the work with Luigi.
All umpires and the other race officers we had during this trip.

Last but not least all my korean friends, Jay, Mr. Park, Mr Kim, Mr. Lee. Gamsahabnida!!!
I’m very proud of having been part of all this.

Rock and Roll

2008 - Sally BARKOW (USA)
2009 - Lucy MACGREGOR (GBR)
2010 - Claire LEROY (FRA)
2011 - Camilla ULRIKKEHOLM (DEN)
2012 - Claire LEROY (FRA)
2013 - Tamara ECHEGOYEN (ESP) - Women Match Racing World Championship
2014 - Lucy MACGREGOR (GBR)
2015 - Anne-Claire LE BERRE (FRA)
2016 - Katie SPITHILL (AUS)
2017 - Lucy MACGREGOR (GBR)
Posted on Apr 2, 2018 by Alfredo Ricci - Busan Cup Regatta Director

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