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The rain is gone – Sailing is on in Ascona!
The rain is gone – Sailing is on!

Ascona, Switzerland November 1st 2018: By noon today, the heavy rain finally went down to occasional showers. A local wind from the Maggia – Vally developed just in front of Ascona. The wind was shifty, patchy and windspeed varied between 2 and 7 knots. Racing could finally start and the wind allowed to complete 4 flights. All teams could sail between 2 and 4 matches.

Pauline Courtois, Trine Palludan, and Claire Leroy are so far unbeaten. But given the small number of matches that each team sailed, the ranking can still change quickly. Taking a penalty in the light wind conditions takes it’s toll and can decide a match.

The weather forecast for the remaining days promises mostly dry weather with overcast. We expect light local winds and the first start for Wednesday is scheduled for 0900 in the hope to complete the round robin stage by the end of the day.

View the results here.
Posted on Nov 1, 2018 by WIM Series Media

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