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Is Pauline Courtois Unbeatable in Switzerland?
Is Pauline Courtois Unbeatable?

After another 8 flights in the Round Robin, Pauline Courtois’ Match in Pink (FRA) is leading in the Swiss International Women’s Match in Ascona, Switzerland. 8 matches – A perfect 8 wins so far with three more matches to go. One of their pending matches is against 2nd placed Claire Leroy (8 wins, 1 loss), which might already be an early final. The Swiss Team ChicaCER with skipper Laurane Mettraux shows an excellent performance with presently 5 wins out of 7 races. If ChicaCER maintains this performance, it has best chances to proceed into the semi finals.

The 3rd race day on Lago Maggiore started again with rain but also with a promising breeze from the North. As on the day before, the wind was shifty, patchy and difficult to read but allowed racing to continue. Around noon, the rain stopped and first sunbeams showed through the clouds. Along with the improving weather, the wind stabilized also. Match after match could be sailed with winds between three and six knots.

With the sun out, the snowy peaks of the Swiss alps surrounding Lago Maggiore became visible and after a rainy start, the venue of the fourth event of the 2018 WIM Series showed its beauty.

The program for the final race day is to complete the round robin by 1300 and than move into the semi finals and afterwards into the finals. We hope for another great sailing day and an exicting final.

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Posted on Nov 2, 2018 by WIM Series Media

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