Women's International Match Racing Association
Regatta Detail

IU Seminar Grade 5 Match Race
Dates: October 9 - 9, 2009
Type: Open
Grade: Grade 5
Location: Långedrag, GKSS, Sweden
Country: SWE  
Boats: J/80
Crew Size: Unknown
Request Deadline: 
Alternate Contact: 
Notes: Welcome to IU-seminar race

Friday October 9th a Matchrace grade 5 will be conducted in Långedrag due to that an international umpire seminar is held the same week.
It is a great opportunity to participate and do some more races before Autumn Cup starts on Saturday.
Send in your application using link: http://gkssicform.gkss.se/frontend/FormDisplayer.aspx?FormID=473

Cost is just 200:- SEK and that also includes lunch for the crew. To get this cheap race day incl lunch you just have to participate to run the races when you’re not sailing.

Website: www.gkss.se
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